Roll Mat


DIY non-slip floor soft mat that can completely cover my house – ALZiPMAT Roll mat

In order to create a children's floor mat space for children to jump and play, we have repeatedly developed and tested

Embossed fabrics are used for easy management and outstanding anti-slip and anti-fouling effects.

5 points that can be freely laid in the desired space

  • Prevent noise between floors, you can play freely
  • Effective anti-slip to ensure safe life
  • Strong durability that does not deform for a long time
  • Safe material that can be used by the whole family
  • Shop wherever you need block the cold

make life more comfortable

  • Waterproof ability
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong recovery performance
  • 9 layers of sturdy construction

*In the PVC antibacterial power test, obtained antibacterial 99.9% antibacterial test


#living room, kitchen, children's room, passage

Simple and convenient laying method

Additional Item – ALZiP Silicone Tape, No Edges, Clean Custom Silicone Tape (sold separately)

Size: 15mm thickness / 22mm thickness

rollmat 01 1
rollmat 02 1
rollmat 03 1
rollmat 04 1
rollmat 05 1
rollmat 06 1
basic rollmat 15 11
rollmat 08 1
basic rollmat 15 12
rollmat 10 1
basic rollmat 15 08
rollmat 12 1
My project 1 7
Roll mat linen 10
linen 13qwr
My project 副本 1 1
Roll mat linen 2
Roll mat linen 4
rollmat 13 1jks
Roll mat shape 6 1
Roll mat shape 7 1
shape 4gf
rollmat 13 1jksd
rollmat 13 1js
rollmat 14 1
rollmat 15 1
rollmat 16 1
rollmat 17 1
rollmat 18 1
rollmat 19 1
rollmat 191

Linear Grey 直線灰, Linear Beige 直線米, Shape 圓形紋


1.5CM, 2.2CM


110cm x 100cm, 110cm x 200cm, 110cm x 300cm, 110cm x 400cm, 110cm x 500cm, 110cm x 600cm, 110cm x 700cm, 140cm x 100cm, 140cm x 200cm, 140cm x 300cm, 140cm x 400cm, 140cm x 500cm, 140cm x 600cm, 140cm x 700cm

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