Family Bumper Bed

Family Bumper Bed is the most popular series of ALZiPMAT, with four functions in one, wave pool, play mat, sofa and baby wall, from wall pad to extension to Playmat, which can be flexibly converted at any time, family can participate in the baby together game multipurpose space. Special layer protection (15CM thick) is used on each side of the wall to fully protect the baby in the space. The fabric is high-quality PU artificial leather, the texture is delicate and soft, and the inside is an exclusive patented 9-layer egg-shaped shock absorbing layer structure, which can greatly reduce the impact force and reduce noise. It has passed the strict safety test of American fabrics, and does not contain the basic requirements of DMF, DMAc, formaldehyde and other harmful substances. It has passed the environmental certification of Heke's Korean floor mats. A number of international quality certifications, European safety certification CE and American safety standard ASTM, the additives and ingredients in the coating have passed the FDA safety test, 100% in line with the material used by babies.

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