TPU Puzzle Mat


TPU leaves no gaps and reduces noise. The first step in caring for the neighborhood, the first cause of noise between floors, the sound of children jumping and walking.

Using the leading technology of ALZiPMAT to reduce noise between floors and create a safe space, a new type of floor noise terminator "ALZiP TPU Puzzle mat" was launched.

Simple design - remove the embossed texture on the surface, the design is more concise, the effect is wider, and the more high-end home decoration style.

Air Circulation Channels - Air circulation channels on the back increase breathability and maintain a dry environment for long periods of time.

Sink design - The connection has a sink design to prevent water, beverages and other liquids from infiltrating, preventing mold and moisture.

2.3cm - It has good elasticity and better shock absorption, which can alleviate the effect of noise between floors.

The larger size can cover more area, easier to lay, reduce gaps, and improve cost performance.

Premium TPU material

  • Safe material widely used in medical supplies and baby food

Tailor-made without leaving gaps

  • According to the interior decoration atmosphere, do not leave any space for laying

More connected

  • The wider diamond-shaped connection port makes the connection between the two pads tighter and the laying operation easier

Easy to clean and easy to manage

  • Made of Premium TPU material, good waterproof and anti-fouling effect, adding UV anti-yellowing agent to minimize yellowing effect

Absorbs and mitigates shock

  • High elastic PU cotton and TPU material with excellent walking feeling, absorb gravity and disperse the effect

Suitable for multiple applications

  • Kindergartens, nursing homes, sports venues, sports venues and pet shops, etc.

unique and differentiated technology that the whole family can use with peace of mind

Available in three color designs: Cotton Beige | Nature Wood | Light Gray

And three style categories: Side (side) | Center (center) | Corner (corner)

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