ALZiPMAT Disney OLAF Family Bumper Bed

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ALZiPMAT Disney Family Bumper Bed joint series, with saturated colors, delicate and soft materials, super cute appearance and practicality, the best safety furniture when the baby is learning to crawl, study business, and take a nap, the four-in-one design of the folding cushion can be flattened on the ground Cushions, or assembled floor mats, instantly turn into fenced castles and cute baby-exclusive small sofas and children's sofa beds.

100% Made in Korea, the best PU material fabric, low-priced brushed fabric that is easy to stretch and easy to deform and hard to recover, and has a poor weaving effect compared to fabrics.

The outer material of ALZiPMAT is made of Korea's top PU artificial leather, using strong and powerful COMPACT SKIN fabric, the texture is fine and soft.

The 9-layer egg-shaped shock-absorbing layer structure with exclusive patented technology and the anti-vibration and durable anti-noise layer can greatly reduce the impact force and reduce noise. Use non-toxic and safe "high pressure sealing" technology.

American fabrics are strictly safety tested, do not contain DMF, toluene and any toxic materials, and have passed the supervision of harmful substances formamide, DMF, Aps, APEOs and volatile organic compounds, and are absolutely suitable for all babies.

The Disney Family Bumper Bed has passed all safety and non-toxic tests.

Four functions are integrated into one Family Bumper Bed, Playmat, Sofa and Baby Room. From wall pad to extension to game floor pad, it can be flexibly converted at any time to play multi-functional space together. Special layer protection (15CM thick) is used on each side of the wall to fully protect the baby in the space.

The use of the highest grade waterproof material makes it difficult for liquids to penetrate the surface. It is very convenient to clean and take care of. The dirt and dyes on the fabric can be cleaned with a wet paper towel. For example, the stubborn dirt can be solved with a neutral detergent.

Babies need a suitable and safe environment at home, and with a play mat, they can play or learn on the play mat with peace of mind.

*This product need to be used with parental guidance.

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