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ALZiPMAT Baby Fence, safe home baby protection, higher protection barrier

Safety point 5 Key Point, safe height, safe material, sturdy structure, double locking device and perfect match with ALZiPMAT game crawling mat.

You can also take care of the child's safety height from a distance, and can safely protect the children who are learning to support, stand, and walk. The safety height of 65cm is even higher!

Flexible and changeable, the child can be viewed from the permeable space of the barrier, and the child cannot easily climb over it. Strong and durable.

Sturdy structure, with close connection spacing, safe connection structure, using non-slip pad and anti-slip material, the surface is finely polished, and the rounded surface that increases the smooth touch is full of noble quality.

The 3.5cm thick wall is safe for children to scratch and lean on, and the fixed 8-sided safety plug is reinforced to prevent foreign objects from entering.

The most living connection distance wall, the anti-skid pad can be installed under the wall to increase the friction with the ground, which is convenient and stable to assemble.

After locking, it is not easy to open from the inside, and the double locking device is used to strengthen the protection. There is also a door for family members to enter the space.

-Passed the test- 8 major heavy metals, 6 major plasticizers, 9 major carcinogens tests, all passed the standard. A safe and harmless material that is safe and harmless to the human body without worrying about children chewing.

Proven safety, using HDPE raw material free of environmental hormones *High Density Polyethylene

◆Door lock protection, the door can only be opened from the outside

◆Growing up with suitable toys in a safe space

◆The whole process is made in Korea and imported with original packaging

◆Won a number of high-standard inspections in Korea

◆Thickness is 3.5 cm, not afraid of leaning and shaking

Safely guard every space the child's footsteps reach #living room #bedroom #baby room #kitchen

5 sizes: 200 x 120 cm | 200 x 140cm | 220 x 140cm | 240 x 140cm | 280 x 140cm

*This product is specially formulated and can be added with ALZiPMAT floor mat Playmat (5 sizes), well fit size combination size, perfect match with ALZiPMAT Playmat.
*This product need to be used with parental guidance.

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Gray + White, Pink + White


120cm x 200cm, 140cm x 200cm, 140cm x 220cm, 140cm x 240cm, 140cm x 280cm

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