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Wherever you want to lay the Roll mat, you can lay it wherever you want, and you can also cut it to a suitable size according to your needs. It is soft and comfortable, with remarkable anti-slip effect, remarkable anti-fouling and antibacterial ability, strong durability, experience Safe material, no chemical adhesives, PVC+PE cotton inner layer, embossed surface fabric, non-slip film on the bottom of the floor mat.

Roll Mat soft rubber floor mat is made of high-quality PE+PVC cotton in rolls, which is comfortable and durable. The material has obtained 99.9% antibacterial power certification, which can block cold air. It can be spread all over the house and can be cut and laid at any position. There are pets and children. All suitable floor mat materials.

The Puzzle mat is made of construction-grade materials, with a high-end home decoration style. The Premium TPU layer uses industry-leading German BASF materials. The floor mat layer has high-strength noise reduction and shock reduction capabilities. The proven safe material does not use chemical adhesives. , the inner space circulates through to increase breathability and maintain a dry environment.

TPU Puzzle Mat splicing floor mat, floor noise terminator, suitable for children to jump and walk, greatly reducing noise between floors, high elastic PU cotton and TPU material with excellent walking feeling.

Children's mats are a kind of soft mats specially designed for children to protect their safety when playing and moving around. It can not only reduce the impact of children's bodies when running and jumping games, reducing the possibility of injury. It can also provide a safe, healthy and fun play space, allowing you to create an ideal play environment for your child.

Non-toxic and harmless, without harmful chemicals, can protect children's health and the environment. When choosing children's mats, you should consider the age of the children, activities and play needs, as well as the size, material, thickness and anti-slip properties of the mats.

mat series – ALZiPMAT Mat Series, Roll mat and Puzzle mat are very suitable for children at home. They can be laid in a large area and can isolate noise. They are suitable for active children. Both of them have passed the 8 heavy metals, Formaldehyde, phthalates, passed the US and European baby product safety certification standards.

Roll mat focuses on anti-slip effect and soft texture, while Puzzle mat has a decorative style and focuses on high noise reduction and impact reduction capabilities. Before purchasing, users can consider the different characteristics and laying methods of the two according to their needs.

Korean children's mat recommended thickness of 1.5CM ~ 2.5CM, children are active by nature, often play at home, running, it is easy to fall down and injured. Roll mat and TPU Puzzle mat is suitable for a wide range of paving, which can not only cushion the impact of children's falls, but also reduce the risk of injury.

Roll mat has anti-slip, waterproof and other functions, TPU Puzzle mat has a better noise insulation effect, high-end decoration style, both have non-slip texture on the bottom to ensure that it will not slip, better protect the safety of children, suitable for families with children and pets.

The soft mat can protect the ground, reduce noise, increase comfort and so on. ALZiPMAT upholstery is designed for prolonged use and is available in different sizes and thicknesses. It can be used in homes, offices, commercial places, etc., effectively reducing foot fatigue and joint pain, and improving work efficiency and quality of life.

In daily life, mats are widely used in homes, offices, medical institutions, gyms, etc. The design of ALZiPMAT mats is also diverse, ranging from simple to ornate designs with different functional features and uses to ensure their safety and practicality.

There are several ways in which floor mats can enhance the quality of life:

  • Comfort: The mats can provide soft support to reduce the pressure on the feet and joints, making walking, standing and sitting more comfortable and reducing the feeling of physical fatigue.
  • Safety: The mats can increase the friction of the ground and reduce the risk of slipping and falling, especially in the humid environment, the mats can play a good anti-slip role.
  • Sound absorption: The mats can reduce the spread of footsteps and other noises and reduce the impact of noise on people, especially in public places and offices, which can improve the efficiency and quality of life.
  • Aesthetics: The floor mats can bring different colors and patterns to the room, making it more vibrant and energetic, while also playing a simple role in decorating and beautifying the space.

Mats can improve the quality and comfort of living and working environments, allowing people to enjoy life more.

Mats are soft mats that are placed on the floor. Mats not only improve the aesthetics of a house and add a touch of color to the floor, but they also have many benefits that can improve comfort, reduce noise and enhance safe living.

Mats are an increasingly popular and practical household item that can be laid on living room mats or room mats as needed. With the accelerated pace of modern life, people are paying more and more attention to the comfort and practicality of family life, especially in the application of children and pets, the benefits of which speak for themselves.

Mats are not just a decorative piece or a dust prevention tool, but they actually have an important function: to improve indoor air quality.

Furniture, carpets, sofas and other home decoration materials can release harmful gases such as formaldehyde, which can cause harm to human health. In addition, indoor air may also be affected by bacteria, mold, dust and other pollutants.

Mats can help reduce the dispersion of these harmful gases and pollutants. Floor mats are made of fibrous materials that can absorb these pollutants, such as wool, cotton, and fleece. These materials can adsorb dust, bacteria, mold and other harmful substances in the air on the mats, reducing the content of harmful substances in the indoor air. The anti-dust function of the floor mat can help reduce the dispersion of these harmful substances and further improve the indoor air quality.

ALZiPMAT floor mats are made of 99.9% antibacterial certified material, which can be used by adults, children and pets without any worries. ALZiPMAT high quality and effective mats not only keep the room clean and beautiful, but also protect the health of you and your family.

Plastic mats are the best substitutes when you need to replace the floor and rubber floor at home. Choose ALZiPMAT floor mat series – Roll mat / Puzzle mat, because you can lay or cut the appropriate size by yourself, instead of paying a lot of labor and price, you can replace it The complexity of flooring and rubber flooring is far lower than that of floor replacement and rubber flooring. ALZiPMAT rubber floor mats – Roll mat / Puzzle mat are easy to lay, and have high-grade materials, aesthetics and durability.

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