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The only Korean playmat brand that has won the national "ECO" pro-environmental certification

Contains the cleanliness and purity of nature!

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- The best material of the playmat to let the baby grow up healthily -

Playmat is made of top-quality PU leather, which has passed the strict safety test of American fabrics and does not contain DMF, DMAc, Basic requirements for hazardous substances such as formaldehyde.

Playmat, which has passed Alzipmat's Korean environmental protection certification, takes care of the baby's health and monitors harmful substances Aps, APEOs and Volatile Organic Compounds.

Truly natural and safe, designed from the inside out to the materials used to create a non-toxic and safe parenting experience.

The main products include playmat, Bumper bed, Baby fence, Kid mat, Kid sofa, Mat/Soft mat series with comprehensive functions

With the exclusive patented technology of 9-layer egg-shaped shock absorption layer structure, it is the shock absorption layer and the noise prevention layer.

Global sales of more than 30 million copies, the brand with the most safety certifications, confidence guaranteed.


Playmat are safe for them to play or study on. It needs to be suitable for a healthy, safe and non-toxic Korean environment at home, and this is a national-level ECO Label certified product.

Bumper Bed

The most popular multifunctional product, from the bumper bed to the Color Folder playmat, the two can be flexibly converted at any time to play the multifunctional space together. Fully protect the baby in the space, with it, you can rest assured that the baby is playing or resting.

Baby Fence

Baby fence is made of safe materials, sturdy structure, double locking device and perfectly matched with Color Folder play mat fence. You can also take care of the safe height of children in the distance, and can safely protect the safe height of 65cm and 67.3cm for children who are learning to support, stand and walk.


Mat /Soft mat series can completely cover my home. The Korean children's floor mat gives people a comfortable feeling no matter which space. It has strong restorative properties, prevents noise between floors, and can freely jump and play. It can be used by the whole family with peace of mind. material. In the desired space, it can be laid at will, and the space is wider and bigger. Dad, mother, children and pets can create an expanded space for jumping and playing.


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Awesome Features

Enjoy a truly non-toxic and safety playmat experience


No. 1 Sales in Korea for many years

The first place in the Korean infant crawling baby mat brand preference survey, providing the best quality safety products for babies, and the No. 1 sales volume in Korea for many years.


Exclusive patented impact-absorbing 9-layer egg tray structure

The 9-layer egg-shaped shock-absorbing layer structure with exclusive patented technology and the anti-vibration and durable anti-noise layer can greatly reduce the impact force and reduce noise. Use non-toxic and safe "high pressure sealing" technology.


Free of toluene, DMF and any toxic materials

High-grade PU waterproof leather has passed the strict safety test of American fabrics, does not contain DMF, toluene and any toxic materials, and is absolutely suitable for all babies.


Compliant with FDA certification specifications

Playmat has passed the US FDA water-solubility test, PU material that is truly safe for babies to chew on.


The only Korean playmat ECO certified brand

The only one certified by the ECO Environmental Award, reducing harmful substances, reducing living environment pollution, and reducing noise and vibration for the city. Conducive to the ecological protection of the environment ECO and LOHAS logo.

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Removal of harmful substances formamide, Aps, APEOs and volatile organic compounds

Playmat has won the most authoritative national certification by regulating the harmful substances formamide, Aps, APEOs and volatile organic compounds.

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PU inner fabric is waterproof, dustproof, durable, antibacterial

Playmat inner fabric of PU fabric is compact and uniform, and the compact structure allows air circulation, which effectively prevents the growth of mold and other allergen pathogens.


Won the most awards and a number of international quality certification

Awards include the 2020 Brand of the Year Award, the No. 1 Consumer Recommended Brand in 2020, etc. Safety certification includes Korea KC certification, European safety certification CE and American safety standard ASTM, etc.

Is the side of the Korean baby playmat good? The key points recommended by Playmat

Playmat thickness 4CM + exclusive patented 9-layer egg-shaped structure

The Korean patented 9-layer egg-shaped shock-absorbing layer structure, the shock-absorbing layer and the noise-preventing layer designed for learning to walk and play, ranked first in the impact test results of 38 products on the market.

In the noise reduction survey in Korea, it ranked first in both the lightweight shock and weight shock noise tests, especially in the weight shock noise in real life, the product is far ahead of the second place.

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The current baby and children's playmats have little effect on weight impact, and the ALZiPMAT playmat patented technology has overcome this limitation in an epoch-making way.

The high-density unique sponge composed of 9 layers is used for comprehensive shock absorption. It starts from the first layer of impact absorption and mitigation, and then the impact cushioning then goes to the egg tray shape to eliminate shock and vibration. The air layer resonance space (egg-shaped structure) is formed by relying on the fifth layer of cushioning pad to the concave and convex to improve the elastic air cushion function of cushioning and absorbing shocks, and more effectively play the role of cushioning and sound absorption.

Using the non-toxic and safe "high pressure sealing" technology, the sponge interlayer does not need to use chemical adhesives to stick together, which is also the reason for no peculiar smell.

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兒童地墊: 陪伴學習與玩耍的成長環境

kid mat is a kind of soft pad specially designed for children to protect children's safety during play and activities. It can not only reduce the impact on children's body during running and jumping games, but also reduce the possibility of injury. It can also provide a safe, healthy and interesting play space, allowing you to create an ideal play environment for your children. Non-toxic and harmless, without harmful chemicals, it can protect children's health and the environment. When choosing a children's floor mat, you should consider the age, activity and play needs of the children, as well as the size, material, thickness and non-slip performance of the floor mat.

The recommended thickness of Korean kid mat is 1.5cm to 2.5cm. Children are lively and active by nature. They often play and run at home, and they are prone to fall and injury. The Roll mat and TPU Puzzle mat are suitable for large-scale laying, which can not only cushion the impact of children falling, but also reduce the risk of falling injuries. Roll mat has anti-slip and waterproof functions, and TPU Puzzle mat has better noise insulation effect and high-end decoration style. Both have anti-slip texture on the bottom, which can ensure that they will not slide and better protect the safety of children. It is suitable for children and pets for home use.

兒童地墊的使用壽命與品質有關,一般來說,ALZiPMAT Roll mat & TPU Puzzle mat,在正常使用和保養的情況下,至少可以使用3-5年左右。如果發現地墊出現破損、變形等情況,應及時更換。





  • 避免鋒利物體刮傷表面。
  • 避免長時間暴露在陽光下和潮濕環境中。
  • 定期清潔和消毒,避免細菌滋生。
  • 避免重物壓在地墊上,以免地墊變形。
  • 確保地墊拼接處平整,避免孩子跌倒。

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