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- The best material of the playmat to let the baby grow up healthily -

The playmat are nationally certified as pro-environmental in Korea, taking care of your baby's health and monitoring harmful Aps, APEOs and VOCs.

The children's mats are popular in Korea, covering a wide range of areas, and are made of non-toxic and non-hazardous materials to protect your child's healthy environment.

Global sales volume of more than 30 million sheets, the most safety certification of Korean mats/soft mats brands, confidence guarantee.

Truly natural and safe, designed from the inside out to the materials used to create a non-toxic and safe parenting experience.

Playmat is made of top-quality PU leather, which has passed the strict safety test of American fabrics and does not contain DMF, DMAc, Basic requirements for hazardous substances such as formaldehyde.

With the exclusive patented technology of 9-layer egg-shaped shock absorption layer structure, it is the shock absorption layer and the noise prevention layer.


Playmat can play or learn on it without worrying about the baby. In the home need to be suitable for healthy and safe non-toxic Korean baby mat environment, Playmat play mat is more national level ECO Label certified products.

Bumper Bed

Bumper bed has always been the most popular multifunctional products, from Bumper Bed extended into Color Folder play crawl mat, the two can be flexible at any time to switch, together with the game multifunctional space. It can protect the baby in the space comprehensively, so you can rest assured that the baby is playing or resting.

Baby Fence

Baby fence is made of safe materials, sturdy structure, double locking device and perfectly matched with Color Folder play mat fence. You can also take care of the safe height of children in the distance, and can safely protect the safe height of 65cm and 67.3cm for children who are learning to support, stand and walk.

Kids Mat

The Kids Mat series can completely cover my home. The ALZiP soft mat / non-slip mat gives people a comfortable feeling no matter where it is. It has strong restorative properties, prevents noise between floors, and can freely jump and play. The whole family can use it with peace of mind material. It can be laid at will in the desired space, and the space is wider and larger, creating an expanded space for jumping and playing.


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Awesome Features

Only ALZiP Playmat is national level "ECO" pro-environmental certification

Enjoy a truly non-toxic and safety experience


No. 1 Sales in Korea for many years

The first place in the Korean infant crawling baby mat brand preference survey, providing the best quality safety products for babies, and the No. 1 sales volume in Korea for many years.


Exclusive patented impact-absorbing 9-layer egg tray structure

The 9-layer egg-shaped shock-absorbing layer structure with exclusive patented technology and the anti-vibration and durable anti-noise layer can greatly reduce the impact force and reduce noise. Use non-toxic and safe "high pressure sealing" technology.


Free of toluene, DMF and any toxic materials

High-grade PU waterproof leather has passed the strict safety test of American fabrics, does not contain DMF, toluene and any toxic materials, and is absolutely suitable for all babies.


Compliant with FDA certification specifications

Passed the US FDA water-solubility test, PU material that is truly safe for babies to chew on.


The only Korean playmat ECO certified brand

The only one certified by the ECO Environmental Award, reducing harmful substances, reducing living environment pollution, and reducing noise and vibration for the city. Conducive to the ecological protection of the environment ECO and LOHAS logo.
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Removal of harmful substances formamide, Aps, APEOs and volatile organic compounds

By regulating the harmful substances formamide, Aps, APEOs and VOCs, ALZiPMAT baby mats have been awarded the most authoritative national level certification.

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PU inner fabric is waterproof, dustproof, durable, antibacterial

Playmat inner fabric of PU fabric is compact and uniform, and the compact structure allows air circulation, which effectively prevents the growth of mold and other allergen pathogens.


Won the most awards and a number of international quality certification

Awards include the 2020 Brand of the Year Award, the No. 1 Consumer Recommended Brand in 2020, etc. Safety certification includes Korea KC certification, European safety certification CE and American safety standard ASTM, etc.

Highlights of ALZiPMAT Playmat recommendations

Playmat thickness 4CM + exclusive patented 9-layer egg-shaped structure

Playmat patented technology 9-layer egg-shaped shock-absorbing layer structure, shock-absorbing layer and noise-proof layer designed for learning to walk and play, ranked first in the impact test results of 38 baby floor mat products on the market. In the noise reduction survey in South Korea, it ranks first in the light impact and weight impact noise tests, especially in the weight impact noise in real life, the product brand is far ahead of the second place.
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Current baby mats are not effective against weight impact, and the patented ALZiPMAT cushion technology overcomes that limitation in a groundbreaking way.

The high-density unique sponge composed of 9 layers is used for comprehensive shock absorption, starting from the first layer of shock absorption and mitigation, and then to the egg tray form to eliminate shock and vibration.

The air layer resonance space (egg-shaped structure) is formed by the fifth layer of cushion to the concave and convex, which improves the elastic air cushion function of cushioning and absorbing shock, and plays the role of cushioning and sound absorption more effectively.

The use of non-toxic and safe "high pressure sealing" technology, so that the sponge interlayer does not need to use chemical adhesives to laminate, which is also the reason for the absence of odor.

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Alzipmat Logo website e1664400387879
Alzipmat Logo website e1664400387879

Playmat: comprehensive protection for babies and a safe, non-toxic environment

The Playmat is a thick, soft mat designed to help your baby learn to crawl and walk. It provides a stable surface on which babies can move freely, which is very beneficial for their growth and development, an important stage in their development.

Choosing a safe and non-toxic play crawl mat is very important to protect your baby's health. For new parents, promoting the growth and development of their baby is a very important issue. In addition to eating and sleeping, proper exercise and activity are also essential to your baby's physical and mental development.

Playmat this creative and popular Korean baby product is designed as a way for baby to crawl and move freely on it, play Mat Hong Kong family is very suitable, folding design collection is convenient, and is a non-toxic, safe, easy to clean, very suitable for baby use, can make the baby in the process of growth more pleasant and healthy, but also can bring parents more peace of mind and reassurance.

Baby playmat can help children practice their sense of balance. In the process of crawling, children need to distribute their body weight steadily on all four limbs in order to move forward smoothly. In this way, children can gradually develop their sense of balance and improve their body coordination.

Babies on playmats can help practice body coordination and build their muscle strength. As babies crawl on the play mat, they must use their arm and leg muscles to maintain balance and movement, which can help them develop strong muscles and good coordination.

By using this Korean play mat, children can gradually improve their body coordination, balance, hand-foot coordination and spatial perception, while also increasing their fun and self-confidence.

Many crib mattresses and sleeping mat contain chemicals such as aluminum chloride, polyether polyurethane and formaldehyde. These chemicals can cause health hazards to babies such as breathing problems, allergies and skin irritation. Therefore, it is important to choose a non-toxic pad.

ALZiPMAT has always been a brand that develops high quality and good materials for babies to use, refuses to use recycled materials for play mats, and has received many international safety certifications.

We should choose ALZiPMAT playmats made from non-toxic materials and ensure that they meet environmental and health standards. Protecting babies from harmful chemicals is not only good for their own health and development, it is also our responsibility to the environment and society as a whole.

Playmat recommended cleaning method, to choose a safe and harmless cleaning agent to the baby, avoid the use of cleaning agents containing toxic chemicals, so as not to cause harm to the baby.

Playmats are often stained from baby's spit-up and eating, which can leave odors and bacteria if not cleaned in time. It is easy to hide dirt and other debris. If not used for a long time, avoid direct light, put the play mat in a ventilated and cool place to avoid staining and discoloration.

It is recommended to open the zipper at least once a week and stand the tree in a ventilated place for ventilation. If you need to wash, separate the fabric from the inner liner and wash the fabric in a laundry net on low temperature with a neutral detergent, and then dry in a cool, ventilated place.

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