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Playmat is an essential tool to help your baby grow

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Playmat – high-quality PU faux leather / 9-layer egg-shaped shock-absorbing layer structure.

The playmat is the most famous Korean ALZiPMAT folding baby mats series, the fabric is high quality PU artificial leather, the texture is delicate and soft, inside is the exclusive patented 9 The patented 9-layer egg-shaped shock-absorbing layer structure can greatly reduce the impact and noise.

Silion Playmat – high quality PU artificial leather + top layer plus silicone film coating / 9-layer egg-shaped shock-absorbing layer structure.

Silion Playmat with silicone film coating + high quality PU synthetic leather is a foldable baby mat series designed for babies with sensitive skin, using natural extracts - silicone film coating, KAA anti-allergy certification. High quality PU artificial leather fabric coated with a layer of high grade silicone, which is mainly used for baby tableware, bottles, etc. It is more anti-slip and reduces the noise of friction between the floor and the mat. Inside is an exclusive patented 9-layer egg-shaped shock-absorbing layer structure, which can greatly reduce the impact and reduce the noise.

Playmats provide a safe environment for babies to kick and stretch their legs freely, which helps to train their muscle groups and promote muscle development, thus having a positive impact on their mobility in the future.

The Playmat provides a safe space for movement and can prevent baby from injury. The 4CM thickness of the ALZiPMAT playmat and the patented 9-layer egg-shaped structure of the inner layer provide comprehensive protection Baby space within the safety.

As babies begin to learn to crawl and walk, they may fall or bump into objects that could cause them physical harm. Playmats can provide a soft surface that can reduce these risks and provide a safe place for baby to learn and explore, always supervising baby during the process, keeping it clean, choosing the right size, and giving enough time and space.

Playmats are a great tool to provide a safe play environment for babies, not only to protect them from injury, but also to increase parent-child interaction.

Here are some suggestions for using playmats to increase parent-child interaction.

  • Play with your baby on it: Place the play mat in a comfortable position and play with your baby on it. You can play with toys, sing songs, or play other interactive games with your baby, which can increase the emotional connection between you.
  • Stimulate your baby's curiosity: Place toys of different shapes and colors on the play mat and let your baby explore them on their own. This will stimulate your baby's curiosity and also increase their sensory stimulation.
  • Create a safe environment for your baby: Placing the play mat in a safe area will prevent your baby from walking into dangerous places. At the same time, you can place a soft blanket, which will protect your baby from injury.
  • Encourage your baby to crawl: Playmats allow your baby to crawl freely, which is very beneficial to your baby's development. You can encourage your baby to crawl around while also giving them affirmation and encouragement so they can feel loved and cared for.

Playmat is a soft mat designed to help babies learn to crawl and walk. A crawl mat is a very useful tool that not only helps babies practice body coordination, but also improves their cognitive skills and sensory development. For new parents, it is very important to promote the growth and development of their baby. In addition to eating and sleeping, proper exercise and activity are also essential to your baby's physical and mental development. The use of a crawling mat can promote physical coordination, sensory development and cognitive skills.

Playmat is a soft mat designed to help your baby learn to crawl and walk. Playmat is an extremely useful tool that not only helps your baby practice physical coordination, but also enhances your baby's cognitive and sensory development. For novice parents, how to promote the growth and development of the baby is a very important issue. In addition to diet and sleep, proper exercise and activity are critical to your baby's physical and mental development. Using the crawling mat can promote your baby's physical coordination, sensory development and cognitive ability. ALZiPMAT crawling mat breaks through the EU safety standard level, passed DMAc/DMF strict standards, FDA certified, the patented 9-layer egg tray-shaped shock-absorbing layer can greatly reduce the impact force, and uses non-toxic and safe "high-pressure sealing" ” technology, so that each layer does not need to use chemical adhesives to fit.

As a baby product, the quality and safety of the crawling mat is very important. The crawling mat has not passed the FDA certification, and there may be risks: the chemical substances exceed the standard, and the surface of many crawling mats is covered with a layer of plastic material, and these plastics may contain some harmful chemicals, such as benzene and formaldehyde. These chemicals are very bad for your child's health and can cause asthma, allergies, neurological problems, and more.

The US FDA certification means that the product has met the safety, quality, efficacy and other relevant standards set by the FDA, and has passed strict review and evaluation procedures.

ALZiPMAT playmat has passed the US FDA safety test for additives and ingredients, which is a professional certification to ensure that it is a safe material even if BB bites.

Baby mats must be free of DMF, toluene and any toxic materials to be safe for babies. DMF, Aps, APEOs and VOCs, and the DMAc/DMF is also certified to strict Korean pro-environmental standards, making it absolutely suitable for all babies.

ALZiPMAT baby mats has been the No.1 seller in Korea for many years, and the No.1 BCR consumer recommended brand for three years in a row, and is also the baby mat brand with the most safety certifications. In addition to the European safety certification CE and the American safety standard ASTM, etc., there is also a breakthrough in the EU safety standard level of "pro-environmental certification", 100% suitable for infants to use, confidence guarantee.

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