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ALZiPMAT Baby Fence series, safe home baby protection, higher protection barrier. Safe height, safe material, sturdy structure, double locking device and perfect match with ALZiPMAT playmat. You can also take care of the child's safety height from a distance, and can safely protect the children who are learning to support, stand, and walk. The safety height of 65cm is even higher! -Passed the test- 8 major heavy metals, 6 major plasticizers, 9 major carcinogens tests, all passed the standard. A safe and harmless material that is safe and harmless to the human body without worrying about children chewing.

Baby Fence does not contain environmental hormones HDPE, passed the Korean safety certification , Children don’t have to worry about biting, they can use it with confidence.

ALZIPMAT all sizes of playmats can be matched, according to the size of the floor mats, to create a safe and comfortable space

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