ALZiPMAT GGURUGI Sofa is adjustable according to the child's growth stage

Non-toxic. Environmentally friendly. Antibacterial, has passed the American fabric safety test
*According to the child's growth height, it can be unfolded or folded to adjust the height
*Lightweight sofa weight with added small handles and side storage pockets
*Easy to clean, outer waterproof PU fabric
*The whole process is made in Korea and imported with original packaging
*Won a number of high-standard inspections in Korea

? 產品資料:

Product size: Length 78cm (expanded) x 闊62cm x 高50cm

Origin: South Korea

ggurugi 01 1
ggurugi 02 1
ggurugi 03 1
ggurugi 04 1

Gray, Cream, Pink, Blue

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